To position a website, it is necessary to have quality content; you’ve probably heard this before: Google prefers quality content.

Here, the phrase “content is king” applies. If your site doesn’t have good content, Google simply won’t rank it in the top positions.

This may sound like a real problem, but in reality, it’s not. You just need to avoid using what we call generic text.

What is generic text? It’s text that can apply to different markets because it says a lot but doesn’t say anything specific. Here’s an example:

“We are a 100% Mexican company with the objective of providing quality services that help our clients find solutions to their needs. We have quality systems and qualified personnel who apply the personal challenge of doing things better every day in their daily work.”

In these four lines, we don’t know what services that company offers. It could be a delivery service, cleaning service, accounting, plumbing, painting, etc.

Unfortunately, this type of content is common, and in the past, the requirement to rank on Google was simply to have a website. Nowadays, with increased competition, having a site with quality content is essential.

“We specialize in the installation and maintenance of pools in Cuautla. We offer planning and construction services for pools, as well as maintenance using zzzz products.”

With less text, we explain to the visitor what we offer, in which area we provide the service or products, and what brands we use. In terms of SEO, we help Google index the site using keywords like “installation and maintenance of pools in Cuautla,” which is a term used in searches in this market.

Using content that is geared towards selling is fundamental for the success of a website.

We not only offer content with important information for the visitor but also use keywords that potential customers would use to find us.

The easiest way to stand out in a saturated market is by using quality content.