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We offer Google Cloud for WordPress Websites

Managed WordPress Hosting

Choosing a server to host your website is as important as the design itself. While a cheap server may seem economical, you run the risk of poor service that could lead to lost sales due to lack of exposure and poor performance of your website.

We provide professional hosting services for your WordPress site through Google Cloud Platform, a top WordPress hosting provider. This allows us to offer professional WordPress services, at competitive prices.

Google Cloud offers one of the fastest hosting services in the market. We have seen how a simple change of servers makes sites load between two to three times faster.

This translates into better positioning since Google considers load times in their rankings. Better rankings mean more conversions and more sales. The speed of your site is part of your image. We help you change servers without any additional cost.

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And get a Managed WordPress Hosting Service

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All of our packages include:

Speed, and More Speed

With the best servers in the market, we can make your site fly, increasing the satisfaction of your visitors.

Litespeed Caché

The fastest WordPress caching plugin. Optimized by default using Google & Litespeed technologies.

Google Cloud CDN

Google Cloud CDN

World fastest content delivery using Google’s global network with 90+ POP locations.

Staging Sites

You can have multiple staging sites and push from one to another staging site.

Free Migrations

We help you change servers without cost to try your site on our servers without compromise.

Extensive monitoring

See your site visits, CPU, memory, disk space, cache and much more in real time.

Daily Backups

Automated daily incremental backups, long-lived distributed backups & disaster backups.

Built-in Security

Automated backups, malware detection, DDOS and WAF.

Auto Updates

Automated core updates and semi-automated major updates.


100 USD


  • 100,000 visits
  • 30 GB disk Google Cloud


50 USD


  • 50,000 visits
  • 20 GB disk Google Cloud


30 USD


  • 30,000 visits
  • 10 GB disk Google Cloud

The email service is priced separately, see providers here

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use WordPress Professional Hosting when there so many cheaper alternatives?

The short answer is: to improve sales and confidence. The faster your website, the better your conversion rates and positioning which leads to increased sales.  Cheaper servers typically don’t equate with faster speeds, which is what you need to grow your business.  The easiest way to lose customers is with a slow and unreliable site.

My site isn’t through WordPress, can I use this service?

No, the service offered by Google Cloud Platform is specialized for WordPress.

Can I pay annually?

We offer monthly and annual payment options.  You get one month free with annual payments.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express, as well as PayPal.

How do I know your service will be faster?

We can make a copy of your site so you can see the difference in speed between your normal hosting and our professional WordPress hosting.

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