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SEO Audits, and Analysis of Competitiveness, Usability, and Speed.

We’ll correct the content, technical, structural, and speed that can keep your site from ranking highly with search engines

Simply having a website won’t cut it anymore. If you want to reach customers and grow your business, you’ll need a site that’s well-positioned in search engine rankings.

We help our clients to obtain prominent positioning in search engines so that their websites can be quickly easily found by future clients. Higher rankings drive site traffic and result in more sales.

Our search engine optimization packages help your site reach its full sales potential. Most clients see a return on their investment in just a few months.

Contact us for a free, no-commitment report to see how your site ranks. We’ll show you how our Search Engine Optimization services can help rocket your site to the top of the rankings.

Our SEO Services:

SEO Audit

An audit allows us to obtain an in-depth report on your website and its pages, which in turn lets us locate areas that could use improvement. We understand that every site has unique needs, so our audit can be as general or specific as you like.

Speed Analysis

Does your website have a loading speed of less than three seconds? If not, you’re probably taking a hit in search engine results rankings –  Google factors loading speed into its ranking algorithm. Luckily, our speed optimization services are here to help.

Competitive Analysis

Are you in a deeply competitive industry? Need to know exactly what your competition is doing and how? We can uncover your competitors’ tactics through a competition audit. We’ll provide a report on their content, keywords, site speed, and links. Pixelar can provide you with the edge you need to get ahead.

Usability Analysis

Is your optimized site not producing the results you expected? It may be that your site has a design problem, or perhaps visitors aren’t visiting certain site elements you hoped they would. We offer heat maps to detect problems and perform A / B tests to improve your websites’ effectiveness.

Content and Keywords Analysis

Does your web content effectively incorporate your main keywords? For your site to rank highly, you need to properly structure your titles and optimize your content for your main keywords. Or, you can let us take care of that for you.

Review of Your Link Portfolio

Have you outsourced your website’s link building? Not sure if your links are helping or hurting? Or, do you have a new site and need guidance on how to create natural and quality links? We can review your links and craft a personalized link-building strategy for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect from your SEO services?

Every site is unique, but we are happy to analyze your site for free. We can explain opportunities specific to your site and how our solutions can help you grow your business.

Will I see results immediately?

Most sites begin to see changes as soon as two weeks after optimizing, but results may vary.

Can you assure me that my site will improve its positioning?

Yes. If you follow our recommendations and the guidelines that Google imposes, your site’s ranking will improve.

How long will it take Pixelar to make SEO changes to my website?

This depends on the complexity of the situation.  Sometimes only small adjustments are needed, and these can take just a few days. More complex sites can take up to 10 days to optimize.

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