What is the #1 marketing tip for a successful website?

Well, it’s a piece of advice that focuses on how you sell your product or service to your customers. In reality, it’s quite a simple tip.

Sell the benefits, not the features of your products or services.

It may sound obvious, but in reality, most websites don’t do this.

The big mistake that companies with a website make is that they don’t talk about the benefits of their products or services. They simply list the features of these. Most of them list their services and think that’s enough when, in reality, it doesn’t help much.

A person is much more likely to buy something when they can see the benefit of the service or product.

Apple showcases the benefits of its iPhone.

They don’t mention features like the camera, video, autofocus, apps, email, etc. They only highlight the benefits of those features in action. And this is what makes their products so successful.

Are you selling features or benefits?

So, how are you selling your product or service on your website?

Are you telling your customers about endless features, or are you including a dozen benefits that your customers get from your products or services?

98% of people are consumers; sell the benefits of your product or service using direct and fresh language and start selling, or they will find a competitor who does.