One of the main problems for SEO positioning is of a technical nature, as Google considers the loading speed of a website to be an important factor.

Unfortunately, there are countless providers that pretend to be “professionals” and take advantage of the lack of knowledge of most people when they search for a hosting provider.

Godaddy, Hostgator, 1and1, Bluehost, Hostpapa, and countless other providers are a joke, or they are suitable for people who want to host a blog or a personal site, but not for a company looking to generate profits.

These companies are characterized by:

  • Offering unlimited services, causing a server to host hundreds of sites.
  • Very poor loading speeds.
  • Outdated code, using old versions of PHP and databases.
  • Insecure hosting.

A few years ago, this point was not as important; in fact, this factor did not exist in the positioning algorithm. But nowadays, we believe it accounts for up to 35% of importance, which is significant.

The internet is becoming increasingly competitive, and it makes sense that only well-made and fast websites appear first. It’s really rare to find a slow and poorly made site among the top 10 natural search results.

We have several examples of how cheap hosting can ruin an entire project, and that’s why we have stopped accepting hosting from junk providers.

In the end, it doesn’t make sense to buy a car and then ask the dealer to use the cheapest oil, or to build a house and ask the architect to use the cheapest waterproofing to save money. It would be a big mistake because instead of saving, we are simply buying problems that can ultimately undermine the viability of the project.

But the good news is that there are several companies that offer professional hosting services that we can use:,, and Google Cloud Platform.

These companies are characterized by:

  • Limited resources according to the chosen plan, but always available.
  • Fast loading speeds, all are optimized in this regard.
  • The latest in code, using the latest versions of PHP and databases.
  • Security, many of them offer anti-hacking guarantees.

All of them are professional providers, and many of them support large companies such as Ubisoft, Disney, eBay, Visa, Coca-Cola, Phillips, etc., so you can understand the level of service they offer.

To be honest, all of them are expensive compared to Godaddy or any other junk hosting, but the difference is immense, and it’s not worth risking a project just to save on something fundamental for a web project. The speed of your site is a fundamental part of its success and is part of its image.

We offer hosting on the most extensive, secure, and fast network, such as Google Cloud Platform; ask about these services.