Website positioning depends on numerous factors, with loading speed being one of the most crucial. In a highly competitive market, about 35% of website visitors will leave if a site takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Here are three compelling reasons why loading speed matters:

  1. Google considers loading speed as a ranking factor, with an estimated 35% influence on web positioning.
  2. Most visitors abandon a slow-loading website, not just upon entry but also as they navigate further pages.
  3. Slow loading speed can drastically reduce page views and duration, leading to fewer sales for online stores.

If you’re wondering why your WordPress website is slow and how to improve it, here are some key reasons and solutions:

Hosting Quality Matters: Investing in professional hosting is vital for ensuring fast website loading times.

Theme Selection: Choose professionally coded themes that receive regular updates to avoid slowing down your site and improve security and stability.

Image Compression: Properly size and optimize images to prevent them from affecting your site’s loading speed, especially crucial for e-commerce sites with numerous images.

Plugin Usage: Minimize the number of plugins used on your WordPress site, opting only for essential ones with the best loading speed performance.

At Pixelar, we understand these factors, which is why we incorporate the latest coding techniques, themes, and plugins into our web design packages. We also host on Google Cloud, a secure and rapid platform, to ensure an optimal combination for driving sales.