In today’s world, it’s challenging to find a company that doesn’t have a website. All businesses have realized that having a website is an indispensable requirement for success.

However, few companies have a website that effectively sells their products or services. Much of this problem arises because when they created their websites, they didn’t have a clear idea of how to do it, or the people who built them simply followed what the competition was doing.

To have a website that converts its visitors into customers, the site must be persuasive, and content is crucial for this.

All markets are highly competitive, and the only way to stand out is to stop having the same content as everyone else and think about having content that is designed to sell.

The idea may sound easy to implement, but in reality, it’s not when the client insists that the website’s content must contain the introduction letter that the company owner wrote in a famous company meeting years ago or believes it’s impossible to remove institutional values, thinking that merely listing the services is more than enough because the customer already knows the benefits.

To outshine the competition and have a website that converts (visitors into buyers), you need to think that each page or section of the website should contain valuable content, content specifically created for a website and characterized by:

Being fresh and straightforward

Goodbye to the stiff presentation that has been used in the company and has never been refreshed simply because that’s how it’s always been. Farewell to corporate values that, to be honest, no one cares about.

The goal is to offer a direct message where the customer can easily understand what the company offers and what its benefits are. It has been proven that visitors don’t read; they simply scan the content looking for something that catches their attention.

It’s designed to sell

Easily explain the benefits of your products or services, put yourself in the visitor’s shoes, offer content that helps them make a purchasing decision.

Imagine you’re looking for a garage locksmith service, and you find two websites that are close to your location.

The first website talks about the company’s mission (the same one you’ve seen on hundreds of other websites with different words) and only mentions the services they offer (locksmith, lock replacement, garage door automation, emergency service, to name a few).

The second website greets you with a statement like: “We know how important it is to have a secure garage. We offer market-leading zzzz locks. We provide emergency service – call us, we can be at your doorstep in less than 30 minutes.”

Most likely, the mission of the first company didn’t sell you as much as the benefits of the second one, right? The reality is that the second company sells four or five times more than the first because it has content that highlights the benefits of its services, giving it a competitive advantage over the first.

The big mistake of many companies is thinking that by having a website, it will sell on its own. They don’t realize that the competition is fierce and that if their site doesn’t convince, visitors will continue to search for a better option.

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